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Use this form to search for specific text.

The text you want to find.
If you type multiple words, FirstClass assumes that it is a phrase.
If you selected text before you opened this form, that text is automatically displayed in this field.
Values in this field are saved for the current session so that you can choose them again.
Whole words only
Retrieves only complete words.
For example, the search text "sun" will not retrieve "sunshine".
Match case
Retrieves only text that matches the capitalization of your search text.
Ignore quoted text
Does not retrieve text that is in quoted style.
Ignore text in URLs
Does not retrieve text that is part of a URL. This text commonly contains @ or ://.
Find Next button
Searches forward for the next occurrence of your text.
Find Previous button
Searches backward for the previous occurrence of your text.
Replace button
Opens the Replace form so that you can replace the text that was found with different text.

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